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butterfly flutters

15 Jun

Occasionally, we are visited by little flying things in the drive through, which we promptly capture and release.  These things happen when a window is open for the majority of the day to hand out chicken and ice cream and other such foods.  Usually it’s just a fly, sometimes it’s a wasp (eek!), but today, this little creature hung out next to me for a few minutes:

It only opened its wings for a second, but I caught a blurred shot on my phone’s camera.

It’s something to smile about, no?

The day was crazy and hectic and exhausting, but this was a little reminder that it’s just a day at work.  Why not try to enjoy it?

Of course, that sentiment didn’t necessarily survive through the entire day.  I still got frustrated and tired and I never want to make a milkshake again, but then again, I say that every day.  And I can’t help but appreciate my job, because that’s where I met my husband, who now digs me out of the holes I regularly put myself in I am at work and never leave the headset :).  *cue blushing*

So really, life is good.