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Create Your Own Vintage Book Journal by TheFancyLamb on Etsy

14 Aug

I have never worked up the courage to actually do a project with a book.  I would want to pick a title worth showing off, something that says something about something (ha, at least I know what I mean), and has aesthetic appeal.  Of course, a book with these two qualifications–significance and aesthetics–is too pretty to cut up.  What if it didn’t work out and I ruined a perfectly good volume of a beloved book?

However, letting someone else do the cutting and producing may solve this problem…

Create Your Own Vintage Book Journal by TheFancyLamb on Etsy

TheFancyLamb offers a selection of titles for you, then creates a journal out of one for you.  I could see myself loving a journal like this too much to use.

So I guess the problem would not so much be solved, but deferred.  🙂  Laugh at me now, get it over with.